Questions About Life

30 Minute Question and Answer Program Curriculum


The QnA programs are designed for either an adult or youth listening audience. Radio, Social media platforms and TV will be the primary delivery platforms. These programs are topical in nature and are stand-alone. They are designed in menu-fashion to allow broadcast partners to pick and choose individual programs to put together to form programs that are targeted to specific needs.

Each program can be a 30 minute program or may be adapted into 2 minute programs.

Special QnA Programs


  1. Is there a God?
  2. How can I know God exists?
  3. Is there more than one God?
  4. Are all religions basically the same?
  5. What about superstitions and blind beliefs?
  6. What is the purpose of our existence?
  7. How can I know God?
  8. How can I know right from wrong? Why do I have trials and temptations?
  9. What is the Bible? Is the Bible true?
  10. Does God answer prayer?
  11. Does God have a will for my life? How do I discover God's will for my life?
  12. Why do bad things happen to good people?
  13. What is sin?
  14. Will God forgive sin?
  15. Who is Jesus?
  16. How is Jesus different from Mohammed? How is Jesus different from Buddha?
  17. Is Jesus alive now?
  18. What is salvation?
  19. How can I become a believer?
  20. How can I tell others about my faith?


  1. Self-esteem/self-image
  2. Depression, anxiety, stress
  3. Impulse control
  4. Anger, rage, violence
  5. Career choice, job loss
  6. Disability, illness
  7. Lying, cheating, stealing, gambling
  8. Pornography
  9. Tabacco, Alcohol, Over-the-counter drug abuse, Prescription drug abuse, Drugs
  10. Homosexuality
  11. Poverty
  12. Loneliness
  13. Grief loss
  14. Sexual abuse as a child
  15. Suicide
  16. Shame and guilt
  17. Death and dying

Husband & Wife

  1. Communication, Trust, Openness
  2. The Five Languages of Love - Praise, Time Together, Touch, Gifts, Acts of Service (this could be five separate programs)
  3. Sex, Unfaithfulness, Infidelity, Adultery
  4. Forgiveness
  5. Sanctity of Life, Abortion
  6. Conflict, Anger, Abuse
  7. Finances
  8. Blended families and Extended families


  1. Self-image, depression, anxiety, stress
  2. Impulse control
  3. Anger, rage, violence
  4. Identity crisis
  5. Homosexuality
  6. Career choice
  7. Self-injury, self-mutilation, cutting
  8. Eating disorders, bulimia, anorexia
  9. Suicide
  10. Sexual abuse as a child
  11. Grief loss
  12. Friendships
  13. Peer pressure, lying
  14. Shoplifint/stealing
  15. Tobacco, alcohol, drugs
  16. Gangs, bullying
  17. Dating, jealousy
  18. Sex and sex before marriage
  19. Rape, pregnancy, abortion
  20. Mass media, consumerism, greed
  21. Internet dangers, safety
  22. Cyber bullying, social websites, networking
  23. Addiction, pornography, computer games
  24. Divorce, blended families, half-brothers, half-sisters, step-brothers, step-sisters

Target Group

Here is a thumbnail sketch of our listeners. They are from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, and South America. The majority are not Christians (we use the term "follower of Jesus"). They do not own a Bible. They know very, very little - if anything - about the Bible. They know nothing of the church. The majority of the listeners may be Muslim, Buddhist, or nothing. However, these persons are concerned about their lives, and our goal is to find the means and ways for them to listen to programs that can be broadcast on radio or shared on digital media platforms. We expect we will find some listeners to be sincere. They want to know more about the subject. This may also server as a good resource for your follow-up teams and Social Media platforms.

Our focus is telling them about Jesus in a practical and simple way and in a manner which a listener can personally respond.

The questions are those of persons with a very limited knowledge of the Bible or Jesus. No question is off limits. We posed some questions that are hostile or even antagonistic.