Study Guides


  1. To help listeners come to an understanding of who Jesus is and what He came to do.
  2. To help listeners come to faith in Christ.

The study guides will provide an overview of the life and ministry of Christ, with special emphasis on His supernatural birth, His mighty works including power over death, His teachings, and His death on the cross for our sins, and His resurrection from the dead.

These study guides, 10-12 pages in length, are a longer version of the Bible study leaflets and are also in the areas of evangelism and disciple -ship. They are interactive in design to involve the learner, and they use creative artwork throughout. A leader guide is included whereby a person can lead a group study. Each guide ends with an invitation to trust Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Brief follow-up is given for those who trust Christ. The guides can be mailed to recipients, and they can also be posted on the Internet.

We produce a combination of printed and audio resources centered upon the Word of God. The resources are in the areas of pre-evan -gelism, evangelism, and discipleship. All of the resources use primarily the “storying” method of conveying the truths of Scripture.We presently produce five different types of resources. These resources allow broadcasters flexibility in their planning and programming.

* Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view the study guides. Click Here to download the free reader.