Listener Testimonies

Tiruloillur, Villipuram District, Tamil Nadu; CTTWM programme listener:

"I was very moved by the dramas based on the life of Joseph and Job. These Bible dramas have just met the needs of my life... As I was just wondering about the purpose of my life and existence, I am now convinced that this God of power and mercy has created me for a purpose. I also responded to God’s Word through the prayer at the end of the drama as my response to God. I must also admit that your dramas can attract any people groups irrespective of caste and creed. Thank you very much."

Julianna from Moscow:
"I often listen to your programs, and I like it when you talk about real life. But I had a difficult time understanding religious conversations. I began reading the Bible at your advice, but it was difficult to accept as truth…felt like I was reading just stories. And then I discovered the Story Within drama broadcasts. These programs were exactly what I needed. Those Bible stories became not only real and understandable, they became meaningful. I began opening my heart to the Good news. Now I am confident of the fact that Jesus saved me from my sins. I was recently baptized and wanted to share my story with you. Thank you."

Stepan from St. Petersburg:
"As I’m becoming older, I feel that I am becoming less receptive to any kinds of teachings, including religious teachings. Yet at the same time I feel that I need to explore Christianity. So when I first listened to your Drama programs, I felt that this is exactly what I needed. I hear stories of real people, like me, and I hear a reasonable, non-offensive discussions with the pastor. So, thank you for your broadcasts. You are helping people like me to believe."

Olga from Dmitrov:
"I’m still a young person, but my husband is a mentally ill man. I am existed. I listen to your Stories Within, and I often see people like me, people who have no way out. Many are bound by fear—I’m afraid of life, it’s been hard the last few years. When I listen to these drama stories, I notice that hope is being revived in my heart. Do you think Jesus can free me from fear? Please pray for me."

Oleg from Moscow:
"As a result of my stupidity I destroyed my family and damaged my health, and I’m still in my twenties. Last night, after listening to the Story Within program, I kneeled down and repented of my sins. I don’t know what prompted me to do that, but I believe it was God Himself. I never had anything that wonderful happen to me before, and I mean wonderful as full of wonder, a miracle. The broadcast talked about the new life that God gives people after they repent, and I really believe that God is giving me a chance to live with Him now, to live differently. And I know I can with Him! Please pray for me and please recommend a church for me to attend.”

Andrey from Mytishi, Moscow region:
Story Within is the best drama I ever heard. We listen together as a family, usually in the car, and for us it is a window into the world of the Bible. I don’t know much about the holy book, but I really want my children to know. Your programs are a great introduction to it. I never knew that Bible contained so many human stories, stories of people who were just like us, with their issues, life lessons, and transformations. On Russian TV we hear a lot about religion, we see priests in gold-pleated clothes, but here it feels like we are touching real lives of people who followed God. Thank you.

Zhanna from St. Petersburg:
You Story Within programs are simply life-changing. When I listen to the stories of Biblical characters, especially women, I think about the fact that people have the same issue today as they did thousands years ago. When I listened to the series of women living without God, I felt embarrassed and convicted. I don’t consider myself a horrible person, but I know I am wasting my life without God. It just feels wrong and empty without spiritual connection to God and Jesus. Yet, I can’t make the first step to Him. I began praying, but still feel that I need to do more. Can you pray for me please?

Thank you for broadcasting bible drama program. Im always listen to heartline. Because of listening to drama program, I realize that I’m a sinner. I’m touched by the story, touched how Jesus Loves us. Today, I decided to buried my past. It was really really bad past. I realize that, im not listening to Jesus, and always disobedient to His ordered. Today, I really want to come to Jesus, and I want to begin the new life with Jesus. Please pray for me. Thank you.

Syallom, The Dialogue in the drama raised and make my faith grow each day.  The drama also makes me understand the content of the bible. I like the way you mix between the dialogue , music , and efex. Im so impressed and I think the story will touch every people who listen to the drama.  Please always continue to play this drama. I’am truly blessed after listen to this program.

Syallom, The drama program always gave me inspiration and motivation.  I realize that I am a sinner, but God still sees me and He doesn’t abandon me. This is my suggestion. Please could you combine between the drama with the song. More touched song, so when people listen to it, the drama will touch people heart. And also please, I think 30 minutes is not enough for people to listen the drama, and also for me. maybe 1 hour program. Sorry for the suggestion. I know, that the program really blessed me and im hoping the drama will blessed many people too. Thank you

Syallom, The drama was very interesting, its contained valuable lessons  accordance to the bible, and holly scripture. Thank you very much, because of listening to the drama, it’s help me to review and to understand more about bible and Jesus. 

Hello, I’m always listening to heartline radio. Thank you for the great program for us. And also I want to share about bible drama program. Because listening to this drama, I realize it, that im a sinner’s, but then I realize that God always Loves us, its really touch me, I’am so greatfull that through this drama,  I can understand that Jesus will not leave me, and I’m so greatfull for His Love. Now, please pray for my parents, that they will open their heart to listen about Jesus, and receive Jesus as their salvation.

Listener letters from India

Manjula is a Brahmin from Thanjavoor district Tamil Nadu and a regular listener of our Tamil language programme. “I have been a listener of your programmes from the past 2 years. It has taught me to read the Bible and to pray. After each programme, I refer to the Bible to study more about that drama. Please provide enough of time on the programme for prayer so that we could pray with you [Here she is mentioning about the closing prayer]. As I enjoy your programme every Sunday, I also encouraged my sister who is a doctor to listen to these programmes. ”

Manjula V
Thanjavoor, Tamil Nadu
Tamil CTTWM programme listener

“I was deeply hurt because of the jealousy and bitterness within my family. In a desperate attempt with my god for peace and hope, I searched everywhere but could not find it. I was surprised to learn about Gods attributes and his love and willingness to wash away my sins. Your programmes encourage me to practice valuable principles and I learnt to share my problems with Jesus. He is a God of peace”

shekhar k
Thirunelveli, Tamil Nadu
Tamil CTTWM programme listener

“I was very moved by the dramas based on the life of Joseph and Job. These Bible dramas have just met the needs of my life... As I was just wondering about the purpose of my life and existence, I am now convinced that this God of power and mercy has created me for a purpose. I also responded to God’s Word through the prayer at the end of the drama as my response to God. I must also admit that your dramas can attract any people groups irrespective of caste and creed. Thank you very much.”

Ramakrishna B [ Social Activist]
Tiruloillur, Villipuram District, Tamil Nadu
Tamil CTTWM programme listener

Manoharan is a regular listener and constantly in touch with our follow up team through letters. In response to a particular programme on Abraham from the series ‘Great trials of men and women from the Bible’ ... “The drama where the father is willing to offer his son as a sacrifice in obedience to God was very much an encouragement to me...I learnt to trust God through this programme because if I place my trust and obey God, He will accomplish his plans in my life and turn my problems into joy.”

Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu
Tamil CTTWM programme listener

Venkatesh from Raichur makes a living by the agriculture income. It is his desire to be independent in life and also support his old parents. He spends a lot of his time listening to radio and also is a listener of our Kannada CTTWM programme. Although he belongs to an orthodox Hindu faith, he expresses that our programmes have helped him understand the divinity of God through simple dramas. He goes on to say that he has developed a trust that Christ will be with him and help him. This is the reason he tunes in every week to know more about God.

Raichur, Karnataka
Kannada CTTWM programme listener

I have never experienced a personal relation with God. I am very encouraged with these dramas which have helped me understand that my relationship with the creator needs to be personal. Your programmes are leading me into a deeper understanding and also drawing me closer to God.

Mysore,Karnataka Kannada
CTTWM programme listener