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Many believers in Christ throughout the world suffer for their faith. Many are harassed or imprisoned. Many have died because of their faith in Jesus. Most likely, more believers have been martyred during the 20th century than during all the years of church history combined. Rather than abating in the 21st century, persecution has intensified.

But suffering and martyrdom for God are not new. Early in the story of the human race, Abel was the first to be put to death because of his faith. Many throughout the Old and New Testaments followed in his fate.

This two-part series consists of 13 programs that portray the suffering and martyrdom of these persons.


The purpose of the series is evangelistic: To lead the listener/reader to trust Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and follow Him. The series makes clear that a person should count the cost of following Jesus.

A secondary purpose is to let believers know that they are not alone in their suffering and persecution, that others before them have paid the ultimate price for their faith. But through it all, God has promised: “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you” (Heb. 13:5).

  1. 001 Persecuted because of faith in Jesus

Life of Christ series:


This series of 25 studies provides an overview of the life and ministry of Christ, with special emphasis on His supernatural birth, His mighty works, His teachings, and His death on the cross for our sins, and His resurrection from the

  1. Promise of the saviour
  2. Mary the mother of Jesus
  3. Joseph the carpenter
  4. Birth of Jesus
  5. Childhood of Jesus
  6. John the baptist
  7. The sons of thunder
  8. Jesus Begins His Ministry
  9. Jesus Calls Matthew
  10. Simon the Zealot
  11. Jesus Ministers to His Disciples
  12. Jesus and Peter
  13. Through the Roof
  14. The Foolish Builder
  15. Matthias Meets the Master
  16. Jesus and the Leper
  17. The Prodigals Meet Jesus
  18. The Transfiguration of Jesus
  19. Jesus the True Shepherd
  20. The Raising of Lazarus
  21. The Lieutenant Meets the King
  22. Authorities Plot Against Jesus
  23. The Lord’s Supper
  24. Trial and Crucifixion of Jesus
  25. The Resurrection of Jesus

Persons who met Jesus:


This is a series of 13 studies of persons who met Jesus. Emphasis is on how their lives were changed by meeting the Savior.

  1. Nicodemus
  2. Woman at the well
  3. The good samaritan
  4. Feeding 5000
  5. The demon possessed man
  6. Jesus the good Shepherd

Hard Questions About God:


  1. 001 Is There a God
  2. 002 Does God Care About Me
  3. 003 Does God Know Who I Am
  4. 004 Why Does God Allow Suffering Part A
  5. 005 Why Does God Allow Suffering Part B
  6. 006 Why Do the Just Die Young
  7. 007 Why Does Evil Always Seem to Win

The Story of Jesus Part 01:


  1. 001 An Angel Visits an Old Man
  2. 002 An Angel Visits a Young Maiden
  3. 003 The Savior is Born
  4. 004 Wise Men Seek Jesus
  5. 005 A Young Boy Astonishes his Elders

The Story Of Jesus Part 02:


  1. 001 The Baptism and Temptations of Jesus
  2. 002 Jesus Selects His first followers
  3. 003 Water to Wine
  4. 004 Jesus with a Whip
  5. 005 Jesus and a Puzzled Ruler
  6. 006 Jesus and a Thirsty Woman

The Story Of Jesus Part 03:


  1. 001 Long Distance Healing
  2. 002 Home Town Rejection
  3. 003 Fishers of Men
  4. 004 Evil Spirits No Match for Jesus
  5. 005 Jesus Rebukes a Fever
  6. 006 Jesus Heals a Leper
  7. 007 Down Through the Roof
  8. 008 Jesus Enlists a Tax Collector
  9. 009 A Lame Man Walks
  10. 10 A Withered Hand Made Whole
  11. 11 Jesus Selects Twelve Helpers
  12. 12 The Secret to True Happiness
  13. 13 An Amazing Faith
  14. 14 A Dead Man Lives Again
  15. 15 Anointed by a Sinful Woman
  16. 16 Unable to See and Unable to Talk
  17. 17 Come on Home, Jesus
  18. 18 Jesus Told Many Stories
  19. 19 Jesus Stills a Raging Sea

What is God Like:


  1. 001 God Knows Who I Am
  2. 002 God is Our Heavenly Father
  3. 003 Jesus is God

The Story of Jesus Part 04 :


  1. 001 Jesus Delivers A Tortured Man
  2. 002 The Woman Who Touched His Garment
  3. 003 The Raising of Jairus' Daughter
  4. 004 Great Miracles Along The Way
  5. 005 Helpers With God

The Story Of Redemption:


  1. 01. A Great Beginning
  2. 02. An Early Ending
  3. 03. The Promise
  4. 04. The Sacrifice
  5. 05. The Messenger
  6. 06. The Message
  7. 07. Out of Egypt
  8. 08. The Demand For A King
  9. 09. Into The Silent Years
  10. 10. Wise Men From The East
  11. 11. The Birth Of The Savior
  12. 12. The Son of Man
  13. 13. The Good Shepherd
  14. 14. The Son of God
  15. 15. The Lamb of God
  16. 16. Redemption