Special Outreach to the Congo
CTTW Budget for broadcasting in Democratic Republic of Congo

Purpose: Evangelistic

Our Mission and Vision is to lead people to the saving knowledge of Jesus and pray they will trust in Him as their personal Savior.

Need $12,000

There are over 10 radio stations This is a predominant medium for the population.

CTTW Program Content:

CTTW has produced 60 Drama Programs in French from our base in Pretoria, So. Africa. The four drama Series overview the “Life of Jesus Christ” and ‘The Life of Paul. They are scheduled to start on the 15 of May 2013 to the first week of 30 July 2015

Locations to be reached: Mbuji Mayi is in the central part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
(DRC). It is a mining area. The region is divided in 5 areas: Bipemba, Dibindi, Diulu, Kanshi, Muya


The people of Mbuji Mayi are known as the Luba people. They speak Tshiluba and French mostly. There
are about 8 million Tshiluba speaking people in the Congo Area, and 1. 9 million people call Mbuji Mayi

There is a high rate of:

  1. Teenage pregnancies
  2. Unemployment/family violence/witchcraft
  3. Illiteracy is extremely high. People learn orally
  4. STD's, Rape is common from young to old. (Congo is known as the Rape Capital of the world)
  5. High rate of secular violence, Low life expectancy
  6. Unchurched and Unreached people groups


The Christian Church has worked hard over the years to help alleviate the problems. A small percentage of the population Animalists. Many have no religion or cults.


There is a challenge for electricity, most house holds don't have electricity and use firewood to cook. Cell phones play a huge part in the communication. There is vodacom, airtel and Tigo.

There is only one TV broadcaster, Radio Television National Congolaise (RTNC). The wealthy have managed to access Satellite TV.