Utopia Airways

In April 2004 I met with Dr. Billy Kim in Seoul, South Korea. Dr. Kim is a Christian leader recognized across the globe for having a heart to share the Gospel of Christ. From general discussions and subsequent meetings evolved our Ministry’s vision I credit to Dr.Kim. The result was development of three unique Evangelistic concepts. Our purpose is to proclaim and share the Gospel of Christ in unique ways throughout the world to reach Christians and non-believers into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.
Our Mission is to share the Gospel of Christ as stated in Matthew 28:19-20. This is our compass. The concept has been to develop Christ centered dramas about the life of Christ. The second link is the development of scripture based, interactive learning Bible study guides. A third link is the development of a ‘Oral’ application of the Bible study guide tied onto the drama broadcast in countries where there is a large percentage of illiteracy. We believe this will be effective in cultures where people may read and write but simply choose to learn orally.

Those committed to this Ministry’s Vision make up a core group Ministry team of talented and committed Christians who have created original, scripted stories written for Broadcast and connective, interactive learning, Bible self-study guides of the scripture. This primary focus of the Ministry is being developed for Asian Countries, Russia and the former Soviet Republics.  Our broadcasting partner is Far East Broadcasting Co. who for over 50 years has been the leading broadcaster of sharing Christ with the World through radio.  Far East Broadcasting (FEBC) commenced broadcast the audio dramas in Korea in September 2005 and have just completed a special Easter series broadcast into North and South Korea. We are in production in Moscow for broadcasts to Russia, Ukraine, Siberia and parts of Central Asia. FEBC-HK are broadcasting the series “Person who met Jesus” throughout mainland China. We producing the dramas in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and Indonesia for broadcast in the fall of 2007 and planning for North American broadcasts as well.

The dramas being produced for broadcasts are called “The Story Within”.  Each is original scripted series of short stories, which are inspired by accounts and events from the Bible. The first series (Persons who met Jesus) are eleven drama episodes which themes are based on those persons in the Bible whose encounter with Jesus had life changing impact. Each is scripturally based upon the Miracles and Parables of Jesus. Beginning on the unchanging scriptural foundation, we have created thoughts, actions, circumstances and enhancements to characters in an effort to uniquely provide the listener with a better understanding and more personal application of the scripture message.

The second drama series is called the Life of Christ. The first drama in this series introduces God the creator and the promise of a Savior through the asscension of Jesus. Each drama epilogue provides a clear invitation to the listener of ‘how to’ accept Christ as Lord and Savior.
Our stories illustrate the human conditions that emphasize our need for a Savior and the impact on our lives when Jesus is accepted as Our Savior. We have made every attempt to remain consistent with the truth of God’s Word, and to refer our listeners to the Bible as the ultimate authority. It is our prayer that “The Story Within” will create a hungering in the hearts of the listeners for a personal or renewed relationship with Jesus Christ, an in depth study of the Scriptures and the transformation of the listeners own ‘Story Within’.

We have developed interactive, Bible self-study guide printed lessons using the central Scriptural truth from each episode of the “The Story Within”. The concept is an’ interactive’ learning model incorporating cognitive and affective domains of learning which we believe to be a highly effective means for applying the scripture in everyday living of the Gospel. There will be one Bible Study Guide developed for each episode. The preliminary design model is intended for individual self-study or small groups, which is based upon the central truth of scripture in which the radio drama is based upon and will be mailed out to the listening radio audience who may call or write into the FEBC station broadcasting the dramas from the various countries.  The dramas and Bible Study Guides will be uploaded on the Web sites in each language for access through mp3 and PDF downloads.  Our hope is it may be the seed for church planting. Our writing team is among the best in North America.

Our purpose of this Ministry is for sharing the Gospel message of Christ to the world. Our Vision in working with broadcast partners across the world the episodes of ‘The Story Within’ in a partnering relationship.

Our broadcast partners are providing the production facilities, airtime, and internet websites for the Bible Study Guides. We are sharing in the production related costs of the dramas, the translation, printing and distribution cost for the Study Guides in Russia, China, Mongolia and Korea. We are developing an interactive web site and broadcast for the audio dramas and the Bible Study Guides.

Christ to the World Ministries, Inc is  501(c)(3)

Our ministry is not for profit or personal gain.  Our ministry teams are made up of many talented Christian writers and leaders each who are accomplished in their respective fields. Each is committed to this Vision and giving their time to this outreach dedicated to sharing the Word of God.

Our hope is that individuals and Churches from across North America will join our ministry as prayer partners and financial supporters.

Larry Alston, President
Christ to the World Ministries, Inc.