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God’s Story (French):


This series Part 1 of 3 which are 24 episodes which takes us on a breathtaking sweep of ancient events as they are recorded in God’s Word. It is a story of great love and great loss, a story that reveals humanity at its best and at its worst; from the wonderful moments of creation to the dark days of destruction and captivity, this is the story of God actively engaged with His people and their destiny, never giving up, never letting go.

  1. 001 Creation
  2. 002 Fall
  3. 003 Deluge
  4. 004 A Tower to Heaven
  5. 005 The Promise
  6. 006 The Sacrifice
  7. 007 The Switch
  8. 008 The Brother
  9. 009 A Reluctant Spokesman - God's Call to Moses
  10. 010 One Man vs. the Gods of Egypt - Let My People Go
  11. 011 Out of Egypt - From Captivity to Liberty
  12. 012 Into the Dessert- No Longer Slaves
  13. 013 The Promised Land
  14. 014 The Second Generation
  15. 015 The Kingdom of Israel
  16. 016 The Sheperd Boy Who Killed A Giant
  17. 017 The Rise and Fall Of King David
  18. 018 The Rift
  19. 019 The Prophet
  20. 020 The Fall of Israel
  21. 021 Good King Hezekiah
  22. 022 A Bright Hope
  23. 023 The Fall of Judah
  24. 024 The Fulfillment

Women Who Trusted God ( French):


This series of 10 programs tells the stories of ten women of faith who trusted God. The Christian Bible gives positive examples of people that we should seek to emulate. This series of ten programs lifts up positive role models to be emulated.


The purpose of this series is evangelistic: To lead the listener to trust Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and follow Him.

  1. 001. Hagar- A Woman Who Found God in the Desert
  2. 002. Jochebed- As a Lioness Guards Her Cub
  3. 003. Rahab The Harlot Who Trusted in God
  4. 004. Deborah- Warrior Woman
  5. 005. Ruth- A Woman Who Found Love in a Barley Field
  6. 006. Hannah- A Woman Who Bargained With God
  7. 007. Abigail- THE Woman Whose Husban Turned to Stone
  8. 008. Zarephath- A Woman Who Picked Up Sticks and Found God
  9. 009. The Shunammite Woman-The Woman whose Son sneezed 7 times
  10. 010. Esther- The Beauty Queen Who Saved Her People