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Scenes from the life of Jesus (English):


This series of 15 programs provides an overview of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ with special emphasis on His supernatural birth, His mighty works, His teachings and His death on the Cross for our sins and His resurrection from the dead. The series starts with the prophecy pointing to The Promise of a Savior.

  1. 001 The Promise of a Savior
  2. 002 Mary
  3. 003 The Birth of Jesus
  4. 004 John the Baptist
  5. 005 Jesus Begins His Ministry
  6. 006 Jesus Ministers to His Disciples
  7. 007 Through the Roof: The Healing of the Paralytic
  8. 008 Jesus and the Leper
  9. 009 The Transfiguration of Jesus
  10. 010 The Raising of Lazarus
  11. 011 Authorities Plot Against Jesus
  12. 012 The Lord's Supper
  13. 013 The Trial and Crucifixion of Jesus
  14. 014 The Resurrection of Jesus
  15. 015 The Great Commission and Ascension