Core of Me:

Description: This series deals with the general area of self. Included are the topics of career choice, decision making, anger management, grief, loneliness, poverty, and identity crisis.

Purpose: The listener will receive biblical guidance for dealing with the many areas related to self. Listeners will be motivated to put biblical principles into practice in these areas and will be encouraged to trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  1. 001. Got Grit—Career Choices and long-term thinking
  2. 002. Stop and Think Already—Decision Making
  3. 003. Emotional Explosion—Anger
  4. 004. Shredded—Grief
  5. 005. Does Anyone Care—Loneliness
  6. 006. Penniless—Poverty
  7. 007. Who Am I?—Identity Crisis

Friend Or Foe?:

Description: These programs, 18 minutes in length, involve a host and two guests studying the Bible together, bringing biblical principles and teachings to bear upon issues that youth everywhere face today. The studies cover a wide range of topical areas including self, peers, social/media, parents and God.

Purpose: There are two main purposes for this series: (1) To provide help to youth with the many issues and problems they face today. They are provided with biblical principles and teachings to help them in their daily lives. (2) To lead the listener to commit his or her life to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and follow Him.

  1. 001 In Need of a Friend
  2. 002 Stand Up!
  3. 003 Give Me a Flashlight
  4. 004 Get Real
  5. 005 Busted!
  6. 006 Breaking Free